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The Lost Engineers Project Info

What are the Lost Engineers?

The Lost Engineers is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs. Owning an engineer will grant you access to creating ships which can either be sold or played in the game which will be created in Phase 2.

What is the purpose of the Lost Engineers

The Engineers build ships in an attempt to find a new home for humanity, while having to fend off all who get in their way.

How will they fend off their foes?

The engineers begin to produce ships at a rapid rate, being able to produce a completely new ship once a month off their craftsmanship level

Game Mode Concepts

Engineer Utility:

Each engineer will be able to produce ships of different rarities and skills The only way to get more ships is for an engineer to produce a ship, and then the owner gets to either keep the ship or sell it on opensea Engineers will not have access to play any of the games listed below as of now The only way to play the games is to own a ship Generate passive income by building and selling ships or competing in our games

Free run:

Take three ships into battle with you and see how far you can survive in space fighting and defending yourself! Think you got a highscore? Check out the leaderboard and if you reach top 100 you're in for some Ethereum rewards! The top 100 players in the leaderboard will receive a percentage of our monthly profits divided equally based on how well you placed.


It's a race against your fellow engineers! Play this level mode and try to reach each level's boss. As time goes on the bosses accumulate Ethereum until a person has cleared that level. Try to reach the last boss which will have the most rewards!

Race mode (Last game mode to come out):

Pick a ship to race and go against 20 other ships! The top 5 reap the rewards. Battle, dodge and survive to the finish line to win!

Road Map


Intrepide engineers, we are committed to help E4C’s (Engineering For Change) mission to “ improve the quality of life of underserved communities around the world.” We will be donating 5 ETH to this very good cause.


Inventive engineers, we are hosting a contest! You can submit to us any business, engineering or computer science projects and we vote on the best idea! The prize is a 2 ETH donation to give you funds to start your project! Specific rules for the contest will be uploaded at the 40% mint mark! Keep a lookout on the announcement page!


Vehement engineers, the final installment of our lore is coming out today. We appreciate all of you following along with us! There will be more to come in the not so distant future!


Engineers, we will be donating 5 ETH to the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) , an important organization to bring more women to engineering. This society is dedicated to the success of women in engineering!


Hello Lost engineers, congratulations on 100% mint! We are beginning a search for a game dev which is something we are all very excited for and we hope you are too! Also the stories for the Seven will begin rolling out!


Presale: November 19 public : November 20th

.05 ETH + gas fees

Engineers create ships that can be sold in the aftermarket or used in any video game mode. Get a highscore or win a level and win some Ethereum.

Minting and all transactions will be done on Ethereum.

Get 3 invites on the server, there are only 300 available spots. 10 Mints per wallet for presale.